Guide For Authors

We assist the authors to go through the checklist as mentioned below before publishing their research work.

Types of Paper

The author has to identify the type of paper before submission. The authors can submit books, book chapter, article, full length paper and conference reports related to topics and issues handled by a particular journal. Main and full length papers are subject to peer review. Once the manuscript intended for publication is finalized then a cover letter to the editor must highlight the type of manuscript to be published by the author.

Submission checklist

The authors can use the checklist before final submission of their manuscript to the journal for review.

  • E-mail address and complete postal address
  • The manuscript must include
    • 1. The abstract should set out the main objectives and results of the work in a comprehensive manner within 150-200 words.
    • 2. Carefully mention the Keywords for indexing and surfing.
    • 3. All figures must be given relevant captions.
    • 4. All tables include titles, description and footnotes.
    • 5. Ensure that all figure and table are cited properly in the text.
    • 6. References must be added carefully, recent work must be included in the manuscript and if there are more than 5 authors then use et al. after first author’s name.
    • 7. Please acknowledge the grant number(s) and the name of supported foundation correctly for identification purposes.
    • 8. Manuscript must be 'spell checked' and 'grammar checked' before submission.
  • Graphical abstracts, Highlights files and other supplemental files must be uploaded
  • All references mentioned in the Bibliography section are to be cited in the text
  • Permission must be obtained for usage of copyrighted material from other sources
  • A competing interest’s statement is to be provided, even if the authors have no competing interests to declare
  • Journal policies must be considered before submission
  • Referee suggestions and contact details can be provided based on journal requirements
  • The authors must comply publication ethics. The publications are reflection of the quality of the work and therefore it is imperative to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior.

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