September 4, 2020
Scopus Indexed Journals List-2020

Publication Support by ResearchGuru

ResearchGuru offers author Hub, where researchers can acquire all the information needed to publish their research works as research articles, book chapters and as conference proceedings […]
April 6, 2018

How to write a research paper?

A paper is a structure for planning, organizing and conducting your research in progress You must present your work If people don’t know about it, they […]
April 6, 2018
Scopus Indexed Journals List-2020

Every paper tells a story

What is the elevator pitch of your story? Elevator pitch = Summary that is short enough to give in an elevator ride The story is not […]
April 4, 2018
PhD synopsis writing services in Pune

Types of Technical Papers

Original articles - Information based on original research
April 4, 2018

Goals of paper writing

Communicate ideas and experiments
April 4, 2018

Paper Design Process

Editors and the reviewers look for
April 4, 2018

Where to publish the paper?

Right place for beginner scholars, since the level of scrutiny is minimal
April 4, 2018

Journal v/s Conference Paper

Journal paper is complete presentation of any research work with final findings

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