PhD Thesis writing services in Pune

We assist the candidates to write the thesis in an effective manner so that they can explain the contribution and significance of their research work and we enable the candidates to narrate the entire thesis like a story which starts with problem statement and ends with conclusions. We also help the candidates to make the thesis substantial, supportable, precise, arguable and relevant.In order to serve the needs of research scholars, ResearchGuru offers M.Tech and PhD thesis writing services in Pune. Our highly skilled technical writers and documentation engineers assist in write-up of thesis and dissertation in Pune and Mumbai. Our services are not limited to Pune and Mumbai but to other cities of Maharashtra. We also assist candidates for writing dissertation and thesis from India and overseas by providing them training on Skype and other appropriate media.

Our Services include:

  • Thesis writing services in Pune using Latex and MSword
  • Thesis editing Services in Pune
  • Thesis proof reading services in Pune
  • Plagiarism Check for thesis using Turnitin

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