Thesis Writing

Thesis normally represents report on a research study carried out by the candidate. The structure of a thesis explains the objectives behind the study, the sate-of-the-art work which impinges on the topic of the study, the research design used and the findings of the research work. We assist the candidates to write the thesis in an effective manner so that they can explain the contribution and significance of their research work and we enable the candidates to narrate the entire thesis like a story which starts with problem statement and ends with conclusions. We also help the candidates to make the thesis substantial, supportable, precise, arguable and relevant.

The general skeleton of the thesis is given below:

  • Title (followed by names and affiliations)
  • Abstract (include the contributions of the thesis)
  • Introduction (include problem statement, aims and objectives , research contribution and chapter scheme)
  • Literature Review
  • Proposed Research work(May be distributed in 2-3 chapters)
  • Results & Discussions
  • Conclusion (indicating potential of your proposed research work) and future directions.
  • References

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