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We assist candidates for research paper writing services in Pune from title to references and from submission to acceptance. The published papers are permanent record of the research conducted by you. Good content, good presentation and significance of the proposed work are important issues to be addressed while writing the research paper. We assist in the preparation of research articles and book chapters. We provide online services throughout India and abroad.

Article Preparation

We provide paper writing services in Pune and also help candidates to write research papers by following ways

  • To select the right journal for publishing the manuscript
  • To write the paper with clarity, accuracy, objectivity and brevity
  • To follow the publishing ethics
  • To write the paper using scientific language
  • To structure the paper in a proper manner for making it easy for indexing and surfing
  • To select the appropriate title that adequately describes the content of your manuscript
  • To highlight the significance of the research work
  • To select the audience/readers for the article

Scopus & SCI indexed publications

We assist the candidates to publish their novel research work and survey based work in Scopus and SCI indexed journals. The Scopus and SCI indexed journals publication are peer-reviewed journals that cover scientific or scholarly subject to serve the community of the researchers. We facilitate paper writing in the following ways:

  • Novelty in ideas:

    We do compare the proposed work with the existing approaches in that area to identify the novelty in the work and provide guidelines whether to modify the write-up, re-write the entire work or discard the write-up if similar work is already published.

  • English Language:

    We help writing paper by proving support in English language(grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction and tenses).

  • Manuscript:

    It should contains title, information of authors and their affiliations, abstract, keywords, main text part, acknowledgments, references and figure/table and supplement/supporting information if any. We assist the authors to prepare the manuscript that adheres all the pre-requisites for publishing the work in peer-reviewed journals.

  • Publishing Ethics:

    The publication of an article in SCI or Scopus indexed journal is the passport for an author to begin the journey of researcher. It is the reflection of the quality of the work of the authors and the organizations that support them. It is therefore vital to agree upon standards of the publishing ethics. We assist the candidates to follow publishing ethics by providing facility for plagiarism checking, by analyzing the uniqueness in the work.

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