PhD Guidance

ResearchGuru assist the Ph.D candidates in selection of the potential research topics, writing effective research proposals, reviewing state-of-the-art work, choosing appropriate research design, collection and analysis of data, drawing conclusions and writing thesis.

Selection of Ph.D. Title

The topic of your research states the purpose of your research. For deciding on a topic and formulating the thesis statement, we facilitate in the followings:

  • Brainstorming of your ideas
  • Understanding the relate work
  • Defining research topic as a focused research question
  • Formulating the Thesis or dissertation Statement
  • Defining the scope of your research work
  • Defining the objectives for your research work

Ph.D Proposal

We assist the researchers to identify the research area and writing the Ph.D research proposals.

The general format of the Research Proposal is given below:

  • Title (followed by names and affiliations)

    The research title depicts the research problem you are going to address. We facilitate to finalize the title which should be neither too long nor too short.

  • Abstract (followed by Key Words)
  • Introduction (include Literature Review)
  • Your Proposed Technique/Method
  • Proposal Methodology
  • Application and significance of the proposed research work
  • Conclusion (indicating potential of your proposed research work)

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Ph.D research methodology

The research methodology projects the underlying theory and analysis of how research should proceed. We certainly facilitate the researchers to choose appropriate research design to carry out the research work by making them understand the nature of problem to be studied and identifying related area of knowledge.

The research methodology includes:

  • Choosing the research design or methods
  • Choosing the sample size and sampling method
  • Collection of data
  • Analysis of data
  • Results and discussion
  • Conclusion

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Progress Report

We assist researchers to distribute the overall research work into manageable chunks to produce progress reports eventually. The progress report reveals the work done by the researcher within every six months, the papers published on that work and research plan for next six months. We assist researchers in the preparation of progress reports and presentations.

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Synopsis Writing

We assist the researchers in highlighting their research contribution to produce an effective synopsis. The primary objective of the synopsis is to allow the reader to judge the original contributions in the thesis for the award of the Ph.D. degree. We certainly assist the researchers to prepare the synopsis in an effective way so that they can highlight the major contribution of the thesis to be submitted.

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Thesis Writing

We assist the candidates to write the thesis in an effective manner so that they can explain the contribution and significance of their research work and we enable the candidates to narrate the entire thesis like a story which starts with problem statement and ends with conclusions. We also help the candidates to make the thesis substantial, supportable, precise, arguable and relevant.

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